Okay. This is weird. Please, tell me I’m not the only one who got one of these letters.

Just a few days after I read about the pope’s overhaul of the Congregation for Divine Worship, and while Francis was in Sweden for Reformation Day, I got a letter in the mail from the Vatican, telling me that I am now officially a Protestant until further notice.

I’ve been traded! My whole family has.

It’s not that we did anything or didn’t do something. Apparently, the pope just thinks it’s time for some new blood among the laity, so I, along with my wife and son, are being traded to a large, local Methodist congregation in exchange for a guy from their praise & worship band.

And yes, I was insulted by the ratio. I’ve got the “Humility Prayer” on a loop on my smartphone.

“Why?” I wondered. But then it hit me. I’ll bet the Methodists heard that I’ve been experimenting successfully with cold brew coffee and they want me to train the baristas at the fancy coffee shop they have in their narthex.

I just wanted to share the news so you won’t be too surprised when the blog title changes to “Rocking the Part-Time Protestant.”

Hmm…maybe this could this get me a shot on The Journey Home when we get to come back.